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1. Individuality.


 The number of decorated gold and platinum products produced by us is limited. Individual and attentive approach to the customer.

2. Price.


 Fair for decorated handmade and acceptable compared to the mass production of our colleagues.


3. Quality.


 Using high technologies and accumulated knowledge, we achieved high quality of our products. Our jewelry is, first of all, our face and our reputation, which we have polished over the years.

4. Safety.


 Gold and platinum jewelry has a stamp of the state sample, which confirms the accuracy of the sample in our jewelry. Diamonds of 0.3 carats have a certificateGIA(Gemological Institute of America), the authenticity of which can be checked on their website.


5. Confidentiality. 


 The personal data of our clients is protected and not transferred to third parties. We also keep information about our customers' orders, repairs and showroom visits confidential.

6. Operativeness.

 We do everything to ensure that your request is processed as soon as possible, and the delivery is as fast and safe as possible. We promptly solve all tasks set by our customers.


7. Service.


 Our company has all the technical resources for a full service service. We always stand on the side of the buyer and do everything necessary to solve any issues related to the maintenance of our products.

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